All You Need To Know About Wood Doors

As a building material for different items required in the construction of a house, wood has been used by man for thousands of years. Wooden doors are among the commonest in the building industry. Indeed, they are so popular and appreciated as a building material that up until 1949, the Uniform Building Code instructed that all doors built from wood be made of solid, unified bars. Later, the restrictions were relaxed and doors made of panels were introduced. These doors have since been popular with builders. They are constructed using stiles, panels, rails and mullions. Carpenters have become so good at their construction that the doors look like they have been made from a single piece of wood when painted.

wood door

The popularity of door made of wood can be attributed to a number of reasons including:

  • Affordability

Owing to the relative ease in accessibility of wood in most, wooden doors are often times more affordable than door made using other building materials. Even though large tracts of land around the world have little or no vegetation cover, humans have always found a way to ensure they have timber for construction purposes. The exploitation of wood is a considerably easy, and the technology required to build wooden doors is fairly simple. These factors contribute to the affordability of wooden doors as compared to doors made from other building materials such as steel.

In case one is unable to buy solid wood doors, there is still the possibility of using hollow core in the production of doors. Hollow core involves the use of a thin press-board on either sides of a cardboard honey comb.

  • Security

The primary reason why doors of whatever nature are used is security . Some hardwoods used to make for very strong and durable doors. Such hard woods include mahogany, teak, and camphor. Although not usually used outdoors, wood doors seem a natural choice for the indoors.

  • Styles and designs

Generally, wooden doors are more elegant compared to doors made from other materials. Depending on the taste of a customer, a wooden door can be fashioned to satisfy their needs.

  • Noise

Wood is one of the most efficient sound proofers in the world. When used to separate two rooms, wood doors provide considerable sound proofing.

  • Durability

If properly taken care of, wooden doors can last for a very long period of time. Thus, you are assured that you will not require repairs on your doors every other time.

As mentioned earlier, the popularity of wood as the raw material in making doors has always existed among humans. The benefits that wood affords builders cannot be ignored. Unless it is absolutely necessary that you use doors made of other materials, then wood offers high quality doors at significantly reasonable prices. Besides mahogany, teak and camphor, trees as birch, oak, fir, beech, alder and cypress are an important source of wood for making doors.

Wood doors have been with us for thousands of years, and as the world of architecture progresses rapidly, wood seems to be the only building material able to keep up with the speed.