Who We Serve

We serve people who have built wealth and seek a trusted guide to help them preserve and use it for good.

They are typically considered high net worth but know that “worth” is multi-faceted. Preservation and growth require that each facet receives the kind of thoughtful care and attention only we can provide.

When you become a client, we meet you at the stage of life you’re currently in. Our planners and ecosystem of professionals give you wraparound support. You get the depth of planning and breadth of services you need to feel comfortable with both your present and future worth.


We help you think ahead and make choices now that will benefit you later. We construct a goals-based portfolio that is diverse and tax efficient. We also provide advice and services for major decisions like buying and selling homes, restructuring personal or business debt, educating children, taking care of older parents and more.


As you near retirement or whatever your chapter two may be, we maximize and protect your nest egg through strategic and tactical asset allocation. We test your plan for soundness and focus intently on vital topics, from estate planning to family financial literacy, with your Blind Spots plan. If you are a business owner, we can guide you in transitioning and protecting those assets.


When you stop working, we manage your portfolio for the income and cash flow you need to pursue your purpose, despite the uncertainties of financial markets and life. We continue the process of checking for blind spots, and help you think proactively about communicating your legacy to future generations.


At each stage of your life we give you solutions for thoughtful and appropriate giving to the people you love, as well as cherished philanthropies or causes. Our services combine financial, estate and tax advice with guidance for talking to your loved ones about your wishes and leaving a legacy that is far greater, and will last longer, than your assets themselves.

Fourthought Private Wealth

FourThought Signature, a companion division to FourThought Private Wealth, addresses the complex needs of individuals and families who have built or inherited great wealth. These are often enterprising families who have multiple business and financial interests. They require deep expertise and broad professional support to manage their interests effectively for the long term.

Among the services provided to FourThought Signature clients are business acquisition and succession planning, family wealth counseling and multigenerational planning retreats, major acquisition support and family office services. We also offer private banking and a host of services around the formation and operation of private family foundations and donor advised funds.

 If you are interested in learning more about FourThought Signature, please contact Scott Pinkerton to set up an exploratory meeting.

Fourthought Staff Meeting

FourThought Institutions is a consulting firm that serves private- and public-sector organizations that need to know their investments and retirement plan funds are managed for optimal performance. Like all FourThought companies it is an independent fiduciary with no biases toward specific products or service providers.

Investment management, support and advice are provided to retirement and deferred compensation plans, endowments and foundations—from research and analyses to investment and spending policy reviews, asset allocation guidance and ongoing fiduciary oversight. FourThought’s consultants can also provide comprehensive oversight in an outsourced chief investment officer role.

If you are interested in learning more about FourThought Institutions, please contact us at 941-408-8557 to set up an exploratory meeting.