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< back February 21, by Scott Pinkerton, CFP®, AIF®, CIMA®, CPWA®

Why Did We Change Our Name to FourThought?

When we talk to our clients and people in our community about the improvements we’ve been making; we repeatedly get the question: “Why did you change your name to FourThought?”

Our aspiration is to empower our advisors to help our clients improve their lives through disciplined planning that taps into fundamental truths.  We wanted a name and brand that speaks to who we are and what we hope to become.

So, why FourThought?

We exist to help people, families and organizations answer two questions:

  1. Are we going to be okay?
  2. Do we have any blind spots?

Answering these two questions is complex. It requires a great deal of forethought and planning. Over the years, we have created a plan that includes four main components (and there you have it: FourThought). These components are:

Financial Planning. We help you develop realistic plans that balance aspirations and reality. We like to say we develop “life plans” that give you the freedom to adjust as “life happens.” We can’t wait to share our new, interactive planning tools.

Investing. We structure investments with a goal of ensuring that you have the money you need when you need it, even though markets may have their ups and downs. True goals-based planning goes a long way toward helping you sleep at night.

Identifying Blind Spots. We meet with you regularly to review and discuss the myriad of issues that can affect your financial plan and future. Some issues you may have not considered, others may need to be dusted off and reexamined. Examples include your estate plans, taxes, insurance, long term care, asset protection and many others.

Alignment. Time spent thinking about how to align your values and goals with your plans and actions is some of the most important time you will ever spend.  You want to be sure that the professionals you trust will work as a team on your behalf, and that your advisors’ compensation is transparent and aligned with your goals. This is critical to your success.

Alignment is one of the main reasons we have made the change to become registered investment advisors.  We are fiduciaries, which means that we are governed by the “best interest” standard and must always do what is best for our clients. It also means that are fee only, free of inherent conflicts and all decisions are made locally. The buck stops with us.