Why choose Invisalign?  Here’s why!

The expert pediatric dentists at Southmoor Family Dentistry know the decision to get braces can create anxiety and stress for your child.  Your kid’s dentists at Southmoor Family Dentistry (one location in Centennial and one location in Denver) know how to work with your child to make the best decision.  Right now, our office is currently offering Invisalign. Invisalign is a program of treatment where your child does not have to wear metal braces – he or she will wear specially customized aligners made by Invisalign and the best part?  You get the same outcome and no one will barely notice you are wearing out aligners!  Here is why you should begin to think more about Invisalign.

Braces require brackets and wires – which can cut the inner lining of the mouth sometimes in younger children.  Invisalign aligners are practically impossible to see.  When your child  is wearing metal braces, he or she will have to brush more carefully and even then, the experience can be unpleasant – especially with tightened wires.  With Invisalign, you can remove the aligner with one motion and brush just as you normally would –  it is that easy.  With Invisalign, you can eat whatever, whenever you want – metal braces require to watch what you eat and some foods are even prohibitive because they will stick to the metal or cause a wire to loosen.  Eating, drinking, brushing… these activities and routines we take for granted remain virtually unchanged when wearing Invisalign.  For the confidence of getting straight teeth, we know there remain multiple and many options, but Invisalign provides the most comfort in a stress free setting and process imaginable.   It does not matter how old or how young your child is – your child will appreciate the minimal interference Invisalign allows for.  Our cutting edge approach makes the whole process seamless and easy.

Wearing your custom aligners, you can remove the smooth and comfortable brackets whenever you want – though, for optimal results we do suggest wearing the aligners twenty to twenty two hours a day.  If you have a special occasion coming and you want your picture taken, it’s not a problem – you can just pop out your aligners, smile for the camera, and back in they go.

With metal braces, you also need to come back into the orthodontist office once every three or four weeks. Wearing Invisalign cuts down on the required visits down to once every six weeks.  This saves on errand running for you, mom and dad.

Please schedule an appointment now and come in and take our smile assessment to see if Invisalign is right for you. Remember, it is easier on your child’s mouth, takes less time out and about, is easy to remove for any occasion whether it be a photograph or an indulgent meal – and this is all for the cost that is just about the same as metal braces.  So do not opt to put your child through the stress and anxiety of having metal installed in their mouth.  Try Invisalign and get the straight teeth your children deserve.