Which Dental Crown Option Should You Choose?

dental crownsOne of the options you have when a tooth has had damage from a cavity is to have dental crowns made. The crowns protect the tooth and its root, making it possible to keep the tooth in place without further damaging it. There are many different kinds of dental crowns, however, and it is not always easy to know which one is right for your needs. If you are not sure which option to choose, we have a few things you should know about each kind of dental crown option.

  • Metal: All metal dental crowns are an option that many people turn to. They are usually the most durable type of crown because they are made of metal alloys. Some of them have a gold tinge, while others have a more silver coloring. They tend to be the strongest type of dental crown, which is why so many people turn to it. It does not break and it does not harm or erode the tooth beneath it. This is one type of crown that you should consider.
  • Ceramic: All ceramic dental crowns are well know for the realistic appearance that they provide. For people who do not want anyone to know that they have crowns in place, this is the right option. These are made of porcelain which is crafted by a machine or even by a dentist by hand. They are strong crowns but they do bring a bit of sensitivity to the tooth beneath it, so you might feel a twinge if you eat or drink something very cold or very hot. This is one reason why some people do not choose porcelain. For people who need crowns on very visible teeth, this is the way to go since they are so realistic-looking.
  • Porcelain and Metal: Crowns that are made of porcelain fused onto metal provide the best of both worlds. They look realistic and they are highly durable. These are some of the most popular options when it comes to dental crowns for teeth that are visible. It is important to note, however, that it can be difficult to ensure that the ceramic covers all of the metal after some time has gone by. Porcelain can chip away, revealing the metal underneath and requiring you to go to the dentist to get this fixed. If this is not something you want to deal with, then turn to entirely porcelain options.

These are the three main types of dental crowns you can expect to choose from. Take the time to read up on each version to see which one fits your lifestyle and your needs best. For people who do not care about appearance, metal crowns can be the best option, while for those who want realistic crowns, porcelain works best. For those who want both, then the metal and porcelain options are the way to go. Ask your cosmetic dentist about their recommendations and turn to a qualified dentist to help you with this process without any more delays.