Where to set up your concession stand

As you are already aware, you cannot just set your concession stand up anywhere. If you are not looking to join the fair scene and are looking for something a bit more permanent, you might want to consider big-box stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Lowes. You can also try your local supermarket chain. Large shopping malls are good as well. These locations are good because people are already there to do their shopping. Therefore, you do not need to do a lot of extra advertising to get the people to your stand. However, do not expect to just drop anchor in the first place you choose.

First and foremost, decide what you will be selling and whom you want to sell to. Then, look into what the local laws are that pertain to the business you are looking to start. Once you have done both of those, sit down and create a business plan. It should include your statement of purpose. Be sure to include both long and short term goals that are measurable, specific, and reasonable.

You also need to have some sort of marketing strategy. Be sure it includes social media. In addition, if you have been eyeing a specific spot to set up your business, you will need to explain how your stand will be helping their customers by offering them good food and good customer service in order to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Write down what concession supplies you plan on purchasing. It is best to start small and not make your menu too expansive in the beginning. You can always add on later. When contacting the property owner where you would like to set up, you can list what you will be selling, for how much, when, and with whom you will be working.

In addition, you should also let him or her know why you chose the location that you did and how you plan on keeping the area clean. Once you have typed it all up, call to set up an appointment to speak to the person in charge. After you have had your meeting, be patient and wait a few days before following up. It may take a few weeks for a decision to be made.

If you do not get the first spot you were after, do not give up. There are plenty more where that came from. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. You may even decide to just set up roadside. However, you need to make sure it is legal to do so. In addition, make sure the spot you choose is easily accessible and gets enough traffic to be worth it. Sit there one day and count cars if you have to. Then find out who the property owner is, contact them and begin the process anew.

Before you know it, you will be cranking up the popcorn machine and be knee deep in profits wondering what all the fuss was about in the beginning.