Anyone who is thinking about putting their house up for sale should look into hardwood floor refinishing. On average, homes with hardwood floors sold for 20 percent more than homes with other types of flooring this last year. The value that hardwood floors bring to a home is amazing, and it is only going to become more important in the future. Many types of wood that are used in making fine hardwood surfaces are no longer available due to the lack of trees in some areas. Anytime a wood is hard to find, the price of the floor skyrockets. People with Black Oak floors will want to guard them with their lives, as Back Oak is no longer legal to bring into this country from abroad, or to harvest from local sources. The simple fact that a home has hardwood floors is enough to cause more excitement amongst buyers, and fetch a higher selling price. When a homeowner actually takes the time to fix the floors up before the home goes on sale, the price could rise by the thousands. Flooring experts like, www.allcareflooring.com, reported that last year around one in five or their clients were people that wanted to fix up their floors before they put the home on the market. As a rule of thumb; if you spend 5 grand fixing a hardwood floor up into excellent conditions before you sell it, you can expect a return of at least 10 thousand. Many folks that are about to sell their homes which don’t have hardwood floors are even going through the trouble of adding hardwood to the home because they know just how much more attractive a home is to buyers when they see that wood. People considering new hardwood floors for their soon to be for sale homes shouldn’t shy away because they think the cost will simply be too high. There are some very nice wood floors for sale today which look like they cost a fortune but which are in reality very affordable. Furthermore, hardwood floor installation is quicker than ever, and depending on the size of the home, you might be able to get hardwood floors placed in less than a week.

Hardwood floor repair is also something to think about for people that have hardwood floors that are on their last leg. It is always vastly cheaper to repair hardwood floors than it is to replace them. Anyone who is currently thinking that their old hardwood floors are in too poor condition to salvage should really call in a hardwood floor refurnishing team to see what they have to say. Hardwood floors have the unique characteristic of looking much worse than they actually are. In fact, in most cases a hardwood floor can be refurnished even when it looks like total garbage. Simple processes like sanding away the top layer and placing a new coat of lacquer can work wonders on even the most forgone looking floors. Before anyone decides to get rid of their old wood floors, they must seek the opinion of a wood floor professional.