1. Sometimes spinal surgery has to be performed when there has been an injury to the spine. There are so many different types of back surgery offered today that there are specialized operations for almost every unique problem that a person can have in their back. Not all back problems are related to the spinal cord; in fact most back problems are far more likely to originate from other issues. When people suffer from muscle tension, back pain is never far behind, and muscle tension has nothing to do with the spinal cord or even with the muscles in the back themselves. Tension is one of the leading causes of back pain currently, and in most instances is it brought on by high levels of stress. Another issue that can produce harsh back pain, and which is not related to the spinal cord, is sitting in a single position for long periods of time. People that work in offices and stay at a computer station for 7 and 8 hours a day are at high levels of risk for developing back pain. So, while the spinal cord is often times not the cause of back pain, there are instances when it is the cause, and a spine surgery may be needed. Clinics like have been treating people in need of spinal surgery for decades and have identified the two most common causes for people to need a spine surgery. The most common group of people that need spinal surgery Is those that have had an injury directly to the spine. People involved in automobile accidents frequently suffer from a fractured spine, or from a twisted spine. The second most common group of people that often require spine surgery is people that suffer from a condition that they have had since birth. There are a surprising number of people that are born each year with conditions that cause their spines to curve more than the average person, or that have conditions that make their spines less able to move with the ease that is needed to avoid injury. There are many conditions that exist that can cause an individual to have spinal problems from birth, and most of the time those issues can be best resolved with a spinal surgery.
  2. Back pain surgery on the spine may also be the only alternative when all other areas of treatment have been tried without success. A very strange thing about the human back is that it is hard to treat for pain because the source of the pain is often different from where the patient feels the pain. A patent may go to see a doctor with serious foot pain, only to find that the problem originates in his or her back. Another patient may have such horrible back problems that they can’t even bend over, but the pain may be because of a kink in the neck. In some cases doctors have to operate on the spine as a way to fight back pain because they have already exhausted all other means of controlling the problem.