Three Types of Truck Bed Extenders

In terms of functionality, pickup trucks are probably the best among the vehicles. For one, pickup trucks are strong workhorses having great towing capabilities and able to rule the dirt road. Another thing that pickup trucks are really great at is the storage that they have. All pickup trucks have a truck bed at the back and it is on that truck bed where lots of things can be hauled. With how strong pickup trucks are, they can carry heavy items at the back and the large space can carry a lot of equipment. However, sometimes the space at the back isn’t enough and that’s where Pickup Truck Bed Extenders come in.

Truck Bed Slide


A pickup truck bed extender is a contraption that is used by pickup truck owners to extend that space that they have at the back of their pickup trucks. The contraption itself is simply attached and secured onto the bed of the pickup truck and the owner will have more space to work with in the back. What this allows is for the pickup truck to be able to carry items that are long and couldn’t be carried by pickups without a pickup bed extender for safety reasons.

Pickup truck bed extenders have become quite popular these days as they have proven to be quite useful for many pickup users. Now today, there are three main types of pickup truck bed extenders that are available on the market. Now each type has its own pros and cons and it is important to weight in the factors if you are looking for the ideal one for you. So now, let’s take a look at those three types of Pickup Truck Bed Extenders.

1.) Tailgate Bed Extender – This type of truck bed extender extends the truck bed along with the truck’s tailgate as the name of the extender suggests. Tailgate bed extenders are composed of metal bars that are secured at the back of the truck’s tailgate (acting like a gate) allowing for extra cargo to be hauled. This type of extender comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and the two styles are swinging and fold down.

2.) Loading Ramp Extender – There are truck owners that that often load motorcycles and dirt bikes onto their truck beds. This process can be struggling and will leave the owner tired after. What many owners invest in is a loading ramp to easier load the bikes. However, a Loading Extender is something that combines the loading ramp and a truck bed extender meaning it will be easier to load the bikes and have extra space for more.

3.) Load Extender – This type of extender is composed of several bar made of metal that are secured to the trailer hitch of the truck. What load extenders do is they provide an area where other items can be secured that do not exert stress directly on the tailgate. This type of Pickup Truck Bed Extender is ideal for hauling long items like wood so that it doesn’t slip from the truck.