These modern movements in home lighting will keep you on your toes.

Home lighting is something that seems to change constantly. Indeed, what’s “trending” seems to be a fickle beast, moving with the times and changing as different things become popular. Indeed, as part of these changing trends we must take into consideration the ways of the world. One has to understand that the attitudes, fears, anxieties, hopes, and joys of a generation are reflected not only in the ways they act but also in the ways they create and change their space to reflect these things. When you have so many of these things influencing the way you see the world, it is a wonder that home lighting an other interior design details don’t change more often!

Whether you are a home designer or a builder or just looking for ideas for your new home, keeping your finger on the pulse of these trends will make sure that the home lighting you choose is the very best. When you are working on a project like this, finding a lighting hardware distributor who is ready and waiting to help you find the best lighting for your home design is key. The team at Bold Home Supply understands this, which is why they want to work with you to help you get the most perfect lighting for your tastes and for your home’s design. Here are five of the trends that have people talking this year:

  • Industrial design with a chic and homey twist: This idea of an “upgraded industrial” look has been extremely popular in recent http://www.boldhomesupply.comyears. The warehouse inspired look with lighting that is basic, with hard angles and boxy frames paired with a warm colored glow that gives a feeling of simplicity with a softness as well. This trend has been a part of home design for while, ever since the look of an exposed brick wall came into vogue, and it is continuing to stay popular in the public eye.
  • Use of metals: Whether in fixtures or in lamps, the use of metal in ways is the latest trend in a modern look for home lighting. Indeed, take for example, the recent design of the pendant chandelier. This pendant chandelier makes use of spokes of metal that stick out almost like the branches of a tree. Using this metallic look in whatever way feels most useful and relevant to the client has been a big part of this changing design.
  • Use of color: Making lighting change color to match the space and mood has also become highly popular. This can be achieved in the form of lamps or through installed lighting fixtures. The use of color can help to create certain ambiance in a space and also allows people to customize their lighting fixtures to best meet their needs.
  • Geometric lighting: In conjunction with the post-industrial look and feel previously noted, geometric light fixtures have also become more popular. Set them off against a room lush with color, and you’ve got yourself a beautifully simple space with lighting that provides just the right touch.