These custom blinds trends will be sticking around in 2017

When considering all the various and a sundry window treatment options available, your probably have a lot on your mind. After all, with so many different window treatment types and styles and companies that are selling them, it’s hard to know what is going to be the best option for you at the time you are selecting them. This is why it can be helpful to work with a high quality company that specializes in window treatments and window designs to help you make the best decision when it comes to your window treatment needs. Instead of feeling like you have to fight to figure out what will work best for you and for your home, a company like L&L Window Fashions is just the team you need by your side in times like these. They want to help you get the very best out of your window treatments, and they’ll make sure that you get all the very best options for your particular home. They even offer an in-home consultation to help you get the perfect window treatments based on your particular needs! There are a few window treatment styles that have been popular in 2016 and seem to be sticking around for 2017. In particular, if you are considering custom blinds there are many solutions out there that offer style and ease with your selections and purchases. There are so many different things that you can do to make your home really sparkle with your window treatments! Here are a few great options to choose from:

  • Retro-mini blinds: This style of window treatment has really come back, particularly you look at window treatments with small metallic blinds. These mini blinds are are great choice for the sleek, modern looking home, and also offer the added benefit of reflecting light in ways that other kinds of window treatments simply cannot. This is why many people look into retro style mini blinds with a metallic sheen in rooms where they need a little extra light reflected. This can be a really useful tool to utilize in your window treatment and design planning!
  • Bamboo blinds: Other people have trended towards almost the exact opposite in window treatments. Instead of relying on the retro metallic look, this trend utilizes wood and bamboo and other natural looking and feeling materials to give a softer and more natural look. Indeed, pairing these blinds with Hunter Douglas Shades with sheers and light natural colors is the perfect way to let a softer, more natural looking light into your home.
  • Vertical Blinds: This option is an interesting trend that has been around for a while and with new variations on this theme is becoming increasingly popular. Vertical blinds can function as typical vertical blinds, or can be connected in new and interesting ways. Vertical blinds are great particularly for tall windows with a lot of height to them. This a great tool to use to change the way you are making use of your blinds!

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