Parents love baby wraps because they save them a huge amount of cash. Nothing says being a new parent like the sudden lack of funds which starts to occur in the months before a baby´s birth and then continues to quickly worsen during the months and years after the baby´s arrival. Being a parent is expensive, and while it always has been, it is more so today than it has even been in the past. Medical attention for babies has gone up in cost over the past twenty years by nearly 40 percent, a figure which takes into account inflation. Diapers and baby clothes are also at an all-time high, and it seems that no matter what the situation is with a new baby, there is always a cost which accompanies it. One of the most expensive items that new parents have to deal with is that of a stroller. Today, a decent stroller costs around a thousand dollars, and from there the price goes up and up. Many parents are forced to ask that all their family and friends get together and make their only baby shower gift, a simple stroller. Sites like, have been selling an alternative to the baby carrier which has given many cash strapped new parents a tremendous sense of relief. The best baby carrier wrap system is a simple little way to carry a baby with the parent which eliminates the need for a stroller. Most parents that use baby wraps will mention among the many reasons why baby wraps are such a great option, is the price. Baby wraps can be found for as little as 50 dollars, making it possible for new parent s to purchase a dozen baby wraps and still not spend half as much as they might on a baby stroller. There are plenty of things which parents have to spend big money on for their new child; a simple baby carrier doesn’t need to be one of them

Baby wraps are more comfortable than other baby carrying systems. Many systems for carrying a child can put a ton of strain on a parents back, and as the child must stay with the parent almost constantly during the first few months of life, this strain can develop into a serious problem. Baby wraps have been used by people for thousands of years, they are the original man´s perfect solution to carrying their child with them Baby wraps also allow for a number of different carrying positions to be used, making it even better for parents that might need to change the way they carry their child, according to the different situation.

Finally, parents like baby wraps because babies like baby wraps. It is easy to see when observing a baby that is wrapped tight against his mother´s back or breast that the baby is in a very comfortable and soothing place. Babies that ride along in the baby wrap are just wear they should be; right next to their parent´s heart.