The pros and cons of the three major types of flooring. all over the United States are once again taking on remodeling projects in large numbers. Although the recession in the years surrounding 2008 was particularly devastating to the housing market, the majority of real estate in the country has rebounded nicely. This means that not only are home values on the rise once again, but many homes are actually worth more money today than they’ve ever been worth before. Thus, it makes sense for people to be investing in their properties once again, for they know that the more they put into their property the more they’ll be able to sell it for down the road. This means they’re replacing their old blinds with new ones, ripping out bathrooms and remodeling them, and even redoing all of the flooring.

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners looking to replace all of the flooring in your home make sure you’ve done a little bit of homework first. There are three main types of flooring that homeowners are using today, and each of them comes with its own pros and cons. To ensure that you end up installing the perfect kind of flooring for your particular home you’ll need to make sure that you understand these differences.

The classic type of flooring that’s decreasing in popularity but still popular overall is carpet. Most homeowners by now are well aware of the downsides of having carpet in your home. It’s notoriously difficult to clean, it attracts and collects dirt and debris, and it has to be replaced every handful of years or so depending on the wear and tear it receives. Thus, even though carpet is generally the least expensive type of flooring (a positive no doubt), it ends up costing more down the road because of all of the maintenance it requires. Of course, carpet does look great in some rooms, and it’s very soft underneath your feet making it a great option for bedrooms. There are certainly some positives about carpet, but for most homeowners the negatives outweigh them.

The second type of flooring that’s becoming more and more popular is laminate flooring. This type of flooring is essentially wood or another material underneath that is then coated with a laminate layer. It makes the floor shine, makes it incredibly smooth, and helps to protect the floor. The pros of having laminate floors? They’re incredibly easy to clean, they last for years and years, they are relatively inexpensive, and they look great. The downsides? If not installed correctly, sometimes laminate floors can be too slippery. Other than that, the only reason some people don’t choose them is because they don’t like how they look, but that’s a personal taste issue.

Finally, hardwood flooring is the last major type of flooring used today. It looks great, lasts an incredibly long time, is easy to clean, is highly valuable, and it won’t have to be replaced for decades. It’s not hard to see why so many homeowners are choosing it these days. If you’d like to join the hardwood flooring club, then reach out to Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum to get started.