The primary roles of custom window shades

While many people think of selecting their custom window treatments is purely a decorative accent to their home, window coverings also serve an important purpose in a home. window treatments perform an important task in helping insulate, regulate and protect the inside of the home from the outside elements. No matter what part of the country you live in, you likely experience some kind of adverse weather at least once or twice a year. While there is no replacement for proper sealing, strong doors and high quality windows in the event of catastrophic weather conditions, window treatments can help make life more comfortable for its inhabitants during all of the varied weather that we see in-between.

Let’s take a look at the three important functions that a window treatments perform in a home, as explained by Shades on Wheels: 

Insulation. Insulation is one of the most important features that window treatments are responsible for. The windows of a home provide access to the outside world. They also allow sunlight into the room to make it more cheery and provide atmosphere. However, sometimes it is not always the most desirable option to allow all of those hot sun rays into a room in the home. Insulating custom window blinds have the ability to allow some light through into the room while still protecting the window from the hot UV rays. This allows the room to stay cool in the summertime without having to resort to complete blackout shades in order to do so.

Regulate. Regulation falls right in with insulation as far as their function goes. Just as they have the ability to keep a room cool in the summer time, they can also keep a room warm when the weather outside is cold. High quality insulating blinds, shades, or drapes can protect the warm air in the room from escaping out of the windows. Windows and doors are the cause of most hot air escaping the home when it is cold outside. THat is why it is important to make sure that your sealant is up to date and also that you have good window treatments in place that can help regulate the temperature of a room. This process of insulation and regulation is also important because it can make the home more energy efficient. Energy efficiency will save a homeowner money on their heating and cooling bills.

Protection. The final role of custom window treatments is protection. Window treatments certainly protect the home in all the ways we have outlined above, but they also provide another type of protection in the form of privacy. Window drapes have the ability to filter out light and keep heat from escaping a room, but they can also protect it’s inhabitants from the outside world. Privacy is one of the most important functions of window treatments. They allow people to enjoy their home without the worry that unwanted spectators are watching them. This may be one of the most important functions of good quality window treatments.