Denver has more gym members than any other mid-sized city in the country, and people in Denver visit their gyms almost five times as much as the national average. The high level of activity in Denver gyms is one of the main reasons why Denver has been named the most athletic city in the nation. Apart from the fact that people in Denver are extremely active by nature, Denver gyms are also so popular because they offer some of the most interesting gym programs of any gyms in the country. Using information gathered by,, and other Denver gym websites, we are going to categories the most popular gym activities in Denver.  Gym owners in other parts of the country may use this information in order to make their own gyms more appealing to their members.

Hands down the most popular activity in Denver gyms today is group fitness classes. Group fitness classes are popular because they provide a fun and motivated environment for people looking to get in shape. Working out alone is the old fashioned way of exercising, and one which has been proven to be far less effective. Group gym classes include; group weight lifting, dance classes, team aerobics and more. Not only are group classes better at keeping members motivated, they also help people learn how to work out properly. Any personal trainer will tell you that the average gym is filled with people who don’t know the proper methods for a good workout. Doing serious fitness activities improperly can lead to serious injury over time. Simple things like learning how to stretch and identifying one’s limits in the gym can greatly reduce the risk of injury. Apart from the fact that poor exercise practices can harm individuals, they can also be highly ineffective. Personal training in Denver is all about teaching people how to work out in the way which is going to bring the best results in the shortest possible time. People that participate in group fitness classes get in shape much quicker than those who work out on their own.

Another gym activity which is very popular amongst people in Denver is indoor rock climbing. Colorado is arguably the best place in the country to practice extreme outdoor sports, with rock climbing being one of the most popular in the state. Gyms have now started to include indoor rock walls for people that are seeking to get in fantastic shape like rock climbers, but in a less extreme environment. Indoor rock climbing helps people build strength and resistance like few other exercises can, and many people that participate in indoor rock climbing say it is a great way to help clear the mind. Climbing is not just about sheer force; it is also a mind game which requires people to carefully plot out each of their moves as they climb. Today there are nearly twenty gyms in the greater Denver area which have indoor rock walls for their members, and that number is expected to keep growing as the fitness method becomes more popular all the time.