The history of Australian Cobberdogs

Australian Cobberdogs are dogs that are known to make great family pets. These four legged friends are known for being great with children of all ages as well as with other dogs in a home. Bred to be smart and easy to train, they make great companion dogs and are very social animals. Since they are so smart and easy to train, they are also great candidates to going into work as service animals. Australian Cobberdogs are friendly, energetic and at times even a little goofy. They are very loyal dogs to their families, but they are also considered non aggressive. All of this adds up to a perfect pet!

While the name Australian Cobberdog may sound unfamiliar to you, when you see a photo of one you will instantly recognize it. These fluffy little guys look remarkably like Australian labradoodle puppies, and for a good reason. These dogs have the same origins as the Australian labradoodle dog. These dogs are known for their train-ability and also their tendency to be allergy and asthma free, which makes them great pet options for families that want a dog but are allergic to most of them. They are also have a much better temperament than most other dogs that are considered allergy-sensitive.  Because of all of this, the popularity of the labradoodle exploded in the U.S. With the increase in the demand for an Australian Labradoodle puppy, it was a ripe environment for abuses of the system to take place. Many people began breeding the dogs to keep up with the demand and the integrity of the breed was compromised. In breeding and medical issues began to appear, and sometimes a dog that was deemed a Labradoodle because of its appearance was in fact a completely different breed that was not hypoallergenic.

Breeders that cared for the integrity of breed had little choice but to continue to try to be responsible breeders in a different area. In 2012, a small group of dedicated breeders was able to obtain dogs with non corrupted Labradoodle genes and they registered these genes as a new breed: the Cobberdog. They specifically wanted to eliminate the word Labradoodle from the name because it has been so misused and irresponsibly bred. In Austrailia, the word Cobber means pal or friend, and thus the Australian ‘Friend’ became an official breed!

The Austrailian Cobberdogs have been carefully bred to maintain the integrity of the breed for people that are true lovers of all of the wonderful traits that the original Labradoodles had. They are non shedding and allergy free animals that have high intelligence and a sweet disposition.  If a person is interested in adopting one of these lovable creatures, they are cautioned to make sure that they are only getting them from a Cobberdog breeder that can provide MDBA registration papers for the parents and the puppies that they are selling. This is the only way to guarantee that the dog comes from true labradoodle/cobberdog genes and that it will be allergy free.