Realize the many benefits of going solar

Many homeowners think that the primary perk of switching to solar energy over something traditional like coal or natural gas is the lightening of the environmental burden.  Of course that is a huge part of the utilization of solar panels on a residence, but there is so much more to it.  But first, we should probably discuss the tremendous advantage to the environment.  With the ceasing of energy use from coal, natural gas, or nuclear power you solar panel installationare taking away the burden that is pushing climate change.  All of these power sources hurt the environment in one way or another, and none of them are completely sustainable. They also place us at a disadvantage with other countries because we depend on them for certain elements to provide this power.  Solar panels do have a carbon footprint but it is very small.  Most companies minimize the environmental damage as much as possible during the manufacturing stage.  Then it will take some man power and fuel to get the panels to your residence.  But once they are installed there is no more damage to the environment.  The panels absorb UV rays and convert them into energy that directly powers your home.  You will no longer be reliant on the energy companies that are draining the earth, and you will notice the savings pretty quickly.

Aside from the energy itself, however, there are quite a few benefits involved with switching to residential or commercial solar panels.  Right off the bat you will receive a 30% tax incentive from the federal government for switching that will act virtually like cash back straight into your pocket.  You will have to pay the upfront cost of installation, but most companies are willing to provide financing to make that burden easier.  Once installed, most homes see the savings start to kick in about a year later.  It takes a while to make the transition, but eventually you will be hoarding up so much energy that you won’t use that the energy companies may pay you for it at the end of each cycle.  The presence of solar panels also increased any value on a home.  If you are planing to sell within the next year or two you can market the panels and make a return on them in the price of the house.  Also, the future owners will really appreciate the energy savings that you are passing on.  Most residential solar panels come with a lengthy warranty that will cover damage or repairs, so you know that you are making a solid investment that will be covered for quite some time.  With all the hail that we get in Colorado, you will be thankful for the warranty to get you through each summer.  And finally, using solar power is just easy!  You can still use the same switches inside your home and use the temperature settings on your digital thermometer.  The only difference is where the energy comes from, and once your systems are reconfigured you might actually forget that your power is coming from the sun!