Read about the perks of metal roofing

For decades homeowners have groaned about their roofs.  The old way is to have a roof replaced every 10 to 15 years.  Some people would just put a newer layer on top of the old to keep things intact because it was much cheaper than a full replacement.  When I bought my first home there were four layers of shingles that needed to be completely replaced.  Perhaps it was an aesthetic thing, or maybe that was just the only way to get a roof in the past.  But now there are so many better roof options that last for decades themselves.  No more roof replacements that cost $20,000 every 10 years.  Metal roofing is taking hold in neighborhoods all over the country.  So continue reading to see how it could benefit you.

You can have metal roofing but still have a bold pattern or design that would make your home stand out.  Just because its made of metal doesn’t mean it has to be flat and boring.  Have you ever seen Baton Rouge roofing?  It’s the old “Spanish” style with curved tiles that look like they are made of terra cotta but are instead metal.  You could actually have terra cotta tiles installed but they don’t last very long and easily crack in certain conditions.  Especially in places like Colorado where hail is common each Summer, terra cotta tiles would crack instantly.  Metal roofing, however, would stand the test of those Colorado hail storms with no problem.  Choose the design that looks best on your structure and have it made it metal.  Once your installation is complete you won’t need to worry about maintenance or replacement for decades instead of years.

Having sheet metal installed in other areas of your roof is also a good idea if you’re looking metal roofingfor lasting durability.  Sheet metal is great for details like finials, overhangs, and chimney caps.  Anything on your roof that needs to last and still look great can be made out of sheet metal by the professionals.  If your home is at the point of gutter repair, metal is also the way to go.  Old tin or aluminum gutters just get crushed in major storms or under hail.  Snow and ice can also do a number on gutters when they are not built to last.  Sheet metal gutter repairs or complete replacements are a lifetime investment that you certainly would not regret.  All things metal is the new way of formatting a roof and its one of the few ways that is new but lasts much longer than the old.  Many roofing companies will show you so many more options than I could write about here.  If they are true professionals they will give you several options to choose from that all last decades.  Depending on where you live in the country, choose a roof that goes with your climate but also that will look amazing and make your home stand out.  Thanks to all of the new options with metal roofing, you can have a classic design with a modern material.