Possible Complications with Dental Implants without the Right Dentist

Missing teeth is one of the many dental problems that many people today are experiencing. Having healthy teeth is important. Not only do our teeth help us eat our food but having nice teeth means we can show off a beautiful smile. There are people who are missing a tooth or two who want to get a replacement tooth. Dentists offer solutions like bridges and dentures but one method that is quite popular is Dental Implants.  A dental implant is a metal screw that is surgically attached into the patient’s jawbone. An artificial tooth is attached on top of the implant once the area has successfully healed and metal has fused with the bone.

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Dental implants have a great reputation and record in the dental industry being considered quite a safe treatment to undergo. However, just like any other treatment, there are some problems that may arise. When getting a dental implant it is highly important to seek an experienced dentist who has certification and a license to make sure that you get proper service and will not have any problems. For today, we are going to look into possible complications that can happen with dental implants if you don’t choose the right dentist.

1.) Failed osseointegration – After surgery once the dental implant has been attached into the jawbone, the patient must wait for a few months before getting the artificial tooth attached to allow osseointegration to happen which is the metal fusing into the bone. In the case where there is no fusing, it is considered a failed osseointegration which is caused by looseness, external forces, bad positioning, or lack of bone.

2.) Damage to nerves and tissue – There is an ideal depth for the Dental Implant to be inserted into the jawbone. In cases where the dental implant is inserted too deep, this can put it too close to a nerve and make contact with the tissue. When this happens, the nerves and the tissue around are susceptible to damage which can result in pain and discomfort.

3.) Infection to the wound – Just like any other surgical procedure, getting a dental implant puts you at the risk of developing an infection on the wound. Infection stems from growing bacteria around the wound. This is why it is very important to take antibiotics as well as to make sure that the dentist properly sanitizes his tools and equipment.

4.) Overloading – When the implant is acted upon by too many outside forces putting it under a lot of stress before osseointegration and proper healing, this results in overloading. Overloading usually happens when the artificial tooth is attached even before the implant has properly fused into the bone. Overloading is one of the complications that can also lead to failed osseointegration.

These are four possible complications that can happen with dental implants if you don’t find the proper dentist. Peak OMS offers the finest dental services and help you receive quality treatment making sure you do not have any problems with your dental implants.