Major national diamond sellers such as, www.thediamondreserve.com have recently published a report which stated that 2016 saw more custom engagement ring sales than ever before in their company’s history, and they are not the only ones reporting similar findings. It isn’t just engagement rings wither, we have started to develop a culture which is based around custom made products, and more than ever, consumers expect to be able to get everything custom made. It isn’t hard to see why custom made products are in such high demand, as there are few people who would prefer to have a mass produced item, than one which is made especially to meet their taste, and their individual needs. In this article we are going to take a brief look at a few of the leading trends in the area of custom engagement rings.

The most prominent trend on the engagement ring market today is to have each aspect of an engagement ring designed and made by a specialist from separate specialty fields. For instance, a person is likely to have a custom jewelry designer draft an idea for what the ring will look like with the customer. The next step will be for a professional jewelry maker to actually create the piece. Lastly the custom jewelers will set the selected stone in to the engagement ring and finish the job. Using several different professionals to complete each highly specific task brings a higher level of quality and custom excellent to the job. Of course, using several different professionals to finish a single ring can be very pricey, so it tends to be an option for people with plenty of cash to spend on their engagement ring.

Using an engagement ring which can be converted into a wedding ring is also a very popular choice these days. In the past the bride to be wore her engagement ring up until the wedding, but traded it in for her wedding ban at the wedding ceremony. People these days are opting instead to have custom engagement rings which can be modified in order to be used as both the engagement ring and wedding ban. It may be that some people believe that getting two separate rings for each occasion is a bit much.

Finally, simpler engagement rings are becoming the go to choice for newly engaged people. It might be hard to find newly engaged girls out there today with huge, eye-catching rings on their fingers. The new trend is for engagement and wedding rings to be very subtle. The preferred choice for most women today is a white gold wedding ring with a number of light colored diamonds set in it. Large stones are rarely used any longer, and flashy metals have also fallen out of favor with modern brides. Just because the style of engagement rings is less flashy today, doesn’t mean that they are less expensive. Some of the leading engagement ring makers are offering very simple looking rings, with a very large price tag attached to them. The style might have changed, but top quality always comes at a price.