Plan ahead with the help of your business and estate lawyer

For those difficult times in life in which a lawyer is required, wouldn’t you want the ones that have the best ratings and more experience?  You should call Wiegand Attorneys & Counselors, LLC when you need assistance with elder money management, business law, estate planning, probate and trust, or tax management for individuals or a business.  Of course we don’t want to think about the end of our life.  The thought can be pretty scary.  But thinking about what you will leave behind is more important because that isn’t about you at all, it is about your family.  Do you have young children?  Do you own a business?  Do you have debt that would fall onto someone else?  You don’t want to leave this world suddenly and also leave a heap of stress on your loved ones.  To get your estate plan under way, call the Wiegand partners.

The first thing you want to think about when planning your will is what you have to cover.  If you have life insurance or some other type of coverage that will pay for your funeral business lawyercosts, you want to have that information ready for your lawyer.  Are there certain things you want to have passed on or kept within the family like a home or a business?  Or do you want your loved ones to have the freedom to sell things if they would like to?  Some of these are pretty difficult decisions and you should talk to your loved ones while you make them.  Ask them what they would prefer if you suddenly died.  Would they want to have some choices or would they want you to have laid it all out for them?  Having the chance to talk about these things before they happen is a true gift.  So come to the lawyers office prepared with some of these answers.  You can even bring your loved ones along if you want them to have power of attorney in some way, or if you want them to help you make decisions.

Power of attorney, while we mention it, is another important thing to dedicate.  If you become incapacitated in some way, who do you want to make your medical or legal decisions?  If a specific scenario presents itself, you can let your loved ones know what decision you would want them to make.  Your estate lawyer will then walk you through some of the legal jargon to make sure it all makes sense to you.  They will help you with some of the legal decisions that you don’t know much about, and they can tell you how certain things would play out with the decisions that you made.  I know, your death is not the most fun thing to plan for, but it is a very important thing to plan for if you have family that would be left behind.  Make all of your arrangements, allocate your assets, and make the painful legal decisions for your family so they don’t have to suffer through it and worry that they aren’t doing what you would want.