Learning all about Braces and Retainers

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, or issues with your bite, fret not because there are a variety of dental treatments available that can help treat your oral problem. When it comes to getting your teeth into the right alignment, the most common treatment is braces and retainers. You can find treatment with general dentists if the problem is simple. However, if the problem is more complex and requires more complex treatment, it is an orthodontist that works with your teeth and gets them into the right position. You might also find dentist who have gone through orthodontic training and have knowledge on such treatments.


metal braces

Whether you choose to go to a dentist or an orthodontist, you will have to undergo a consultation with regards to your oral health and the problem that you want to get treated. During your appointment with the dentist or orthodontist he will conduct a series of tests on your teeth to get an idea of what he is working with. During the process, he will get an impression of your teeth, do an x-ray of your head and get some pictures of your teeth. This will allow him to properly map out your mouth and be able to create a treatment plan specifically designed for you to meet the desired goal.

There are certain situations where in dentist will only recommend that the patient wear a retainer which is the case when the patient’s teeth are already in good alignment and only need to be kept that way. However, during times when the problem is severe especially during under bites or over bites, surgical procedures might be required. However, in most cases, braces are used to treat any bite or alignment problems.

Should the orthodontist recommend that you get braces, you will be prescribed with braces that will fit you and be the best to treat your problem. All braces make use of metal brackets and wires while some have the addition of bands and other parts. The braces may also be fixed, which is the most common option, or removable. In essence, there is no general way on correcting every dental problem. The orthodontist or dentist will have to tailor the treatment based on the needs of the patient in order to make is most effective.

The way braces work is that it applies constant pressure onto each tooth which is what pushes them into the right position over a period of time. The pressure which is applied onto the teeth is the result of the wires being tightened which is why it is essential to regularly go to the dentist or orthodontist once a month to have them tightened and move the treatment process forward. It is also important to note that as the teeth are being moved, the bone underneath changes in shape and adapts.

People who have already finished the treatment and had their braces removed, they can choose to wear braces which helps retain the proper position and alignment of the teeth.