Important Components in Building a Water Garden at Home

Having a garden at home is a great way to add beauty and value to the property. Creating a garden on the space you have in your yard can really bring out one’s creativity and green thumb. The whole process can be quite fun especially when you pool in different ideas to create your garden. But when we are talking about a water garden, things can get a little more interesting. As the name suggests, water gardens are gardens that build around the main element which is water creating pristine scenery that could mimic nature’s finest crafts.

water garden

koi fish

Building a water garden is quite similar to a traditional garden, but there is so much more that you can work with. It is important to note that working with a water garden can be more complex, but the outcome can turn out great. When building a water garden you should know the components you need to create one and today we are going to go through those components.

1.) Water – The most important component in any water garden is obviously the water. The use of water in a garden adds an element of relaxation that can breathe balance into the area. With the addition of water requires a quality filtration system such as pond pumps to keep the water clean. With water in a garden, it provides an environment for more life to thrive.

2.) Plants – One can’t really consider it a garden unless there are plants. Just like any traditional garden a water garden contains plants. The only difference is that water gardens can support aquatic plants. When adding plants to your water garden it will be good to add more color like that of colors from water lilies to bring more life into the water garden.

3.) Fish – Water gardens can be filled with aquatic plant life which is a great way to bring a lot of beauty to the area, but if one were willing to take it to the next level, adding animal life can bring a more dynamic element to the calm and static nature of the water. Koi fish would be great additions to any water garden just don’t forget they require more care than aquatic plants do.

4.) Lighting – A water garden should always be complement with appropriate lighting. During the day, the plants should get exposed to sunlight in order to photosynthesize. However, that doesn’t mean you only get to marvel at your water garden at day. For night-time lighting, you can install uplights or even underwater lights to accentuate the entirety of the water garden and the surrounding area.

5.) Shade – Even though proper lighting and daylight is important, there should also be a fair amount of shade for the water garden. Too much exposure to sunlight can be bad for a water garden. Not only will it evaporate a lot of the water, it will cause a lot of algae to develop choking the fish and plants. Having shade around the water garden is also great for a rest area when the day is hot and you want to relax by the water garden.