If you are just moving into a new home, or you are finally getting around to a major floor restoration in the house where you have lived for years, there are a few things to keep in mind which will make your floor restoration process easier. Below we have listed some common aspects of preparing for a floor restoration which people often neglect.

To begin with, make an appointment to have you floor restoration done as early as you can. People are frequently disappointed to find that when they are ready to have their floor restoration done, the local restoration companies are booked solid for months. A floor restoration can be a major task, and there are few agencies that will come from one day to the next to start a large restoration job. In some cities it can be difficult to even get an appointment to have a floor restoration estimate done in a short period of time. If you are planning to get your floor restoration done the next month, call or email the local restoration company today. Local restoration service providers like Restoration Eze, will be happy to make a reservation to begin your restoration a month or two in advance. Having the date to begin work on your floor taken care of, you will be able to focus on other aspects of preparing for the work.

Consider the renting a storage unit to store your furniture in while your floors are being worked on. Most of the time, a restoration job will require that all of the large furniture in the house be removed so that the workers have space to work in the house. In some cases, restoration companies will use special chemicals to dry and repair areas of the floor that are toxic, so you won’t want to be there yourself when the work is being done, much less your furniture. Placing your furniture in a storage unit for a few days is a terrific way to make your floor restoration go smoother.

Try and decide if you want to replace any of the other floors before you have your old floors restored. Many homeowners will combine a floor restoration with the replacement of other floors in the home. A smart way to save money is to decide beforehand if you will have certain floors removed, as many floor restoration companies also offer services to take out old floors. The more work you have done by a single agency, the better overall price you will be able to get.

Arrange for a protective coat to be placed on your newly restored floors as soon as the restoration job is done. Especially in the case of a wood floor that is getting a restoration job the need to protect it for the future is all the more important. There are tons of great products on the market today that provide a protective coat for your floors so that they will not become scratched or damaged so easily in the future. Some floor restoration agencies offer protective coats as part of their service, but most of the time the homeowner will need to purchase the material themselves, or hire another company that specializes in protecting coatings.