How to find an arbitrage compliance firm

If you are a day trader or other type of investor, then you should already be aware of how vitally important it is to have an arbitrage compliance specialist at their disposal. These experts can help make sure that you are in compliance with the law that the IRS has laid out regarding arbitrage rebates and how much those rebate payments should be. They can also make sure that you are not paying out money that you do not have to by making sure that all of your rebate calculations are correct.  A quick search in your area will show you that there are many different firms out there that can help you with your arbitrage rebate calculations, but how do you know which one is the best fit for you, and which one is going to work the hardest to for you? Here are a few ways that you can narrow down the field when it comes to selecting the firm you will use for your arbitrage bond transactions.

Indexes – there are several types of indexes that you can search through in order to find an arbitrage compliance expert in your area. Thankfully, most of these indexes are now online, so these searches can be done right from your computer.  A modern arbitrage expert will list their qualifications online, though you should not necessarily expect for them to list a fee breakdown on their websites (you will likely need to talk to them in first in order to obtain that.) There are directories available that also allow you to rate them and write testimonials, so take the time to read those as well if they are available to you.

Testimonials – On the heels of online searches, you should also look for arbitrage services online with client testimonials on their websites. When you speak to the firm itself, do not be afraid to ask for referral information from past clients. They may not be able to give out direct information, but they can likely put you in touch with a satisfied client that will allow you to ask them questions and address any of your concerns.

Referrals – Another great way to find a good arbitrage specialist is to ask for referrals. Ask friends and family if they have any experience in this field. If you work in investing for a living, then you are likely surrounded by other people in your field on a day to day basis. Ask them who they use for their arbitrage needs and find out if they are happy with the quality of service that they are being given. Ask people that you trust, and make sure that you still fully vet anyone that you are considering hiring. Even if you do not go into an office every day, you are still likely going to have some business interactions with other people. Even if they do not directly work in arbitrage, you can always still ask. An accountant or tax lawyer for example may know of someone that they have heard good things about.