Almost half of all married people will undergo marriage therapy at one point during their marriage, hopefully before the situation has gotten really bad. One of the things which may be keeping some couples back from marriage counseling is the fact that they don’t know what takes place in marriage counselling or how it is supposed to work. People have always been afraid of the unknown, and even more so when it involves a very personal aspect of their lives. Modern day counseling teams such as,, recommend that people who believe they are in need of counseling should be brave and just go into a counseling center once to see what it is all about. Most couples start to feel comfortable as soon as the initial fear of the counseling has been gotten rid of. While there are many different types of marriage counseling offer today, we have gone through the basic ideas of how marriage counseling works for most people in this article.

The biggest goal in marriage therapy is to get rid of bad feelings. Life can be very hard on relationships, and that is especially true when a relationship has been going on for a long time. The day to day stress of work and family might become too much for people to deal with in a healthy way, in which case the most common response is to simply turn off. Communication begins to fail in a marriage often because people are just too exhausted to fight with their loved ones. However, just because something isn’t said, doesn’t mean it isn’t felt. Marriage therapy aims to help open up the flow of communication between couples so that they can rid themselves of angry feeling which have built up as a result of poor communication. Most couples don’t even realize how much rancor they can stack inside themselves over the years, or how good it feels to finally free themselves of those feelings. The first few counseling meetings tend to be the hardest to deal with because that is when all the spider webs are cleaned out of the couple’s emotional attics.

Marriage therapy also works by helping couples rediscover the things they love about each other. After the lines of communication have been opened back up and some of the less pleasant work has been done, marriage counselors will aim to bring positive energy back between the couples. One of the most popular and effective exercises is the use of simple compliments between married couples. In the compliment exercise the couples sit face to face and take turns saying nice things about each other. These exercises sometimes go on for hours and they help people rediscover how good it feels to be loved and to love their couple. Compliment therapy is so effective in fact; there have been scores of books published by psychologist about the power of positive comments between couples that have emotional scars which need to heal. Ridding the relationship of hurt feelings and replacing them with good ones is what marriage counseling is all about.