How I Layered My Rubber Mulch

If you are into plants and gardening, you have probably hear of something called mulch. But for those of you who don’t know what mulch is, it is a product that you use to layer on the area of your garden or yard which can provide a number of benefits and also act as a decoration for the garden. The usual type of mulch you would find is the natural kind which is made of shredded wood chips and other organic materials. When you layer the mulch on the garden, this can help seal in some of the moisture and in the decomposition, it can bring nutrients to the soil. Now other than natural wood mulch, there is rubber mulch.

rubber mulch

brown mulch

Now basically, recycled rubber mulch works the same way as natural mulch although this stuff does not decompose into the soil since it is not organic. Another thing about rubber mulch is that it lasts a lot longer so you wouldn’t need to put on a new layer (replace the current one). Rubber mulch is also better at sealing in moisture compared to natural mulch. So if you are thinking about making use of rubber mulch, here is how I applied the stuff to my garden.

First you should make sure that you have enough rubber mulch to fill the area you are going to layer. I can’t really give you a clear estimate on how much to use. It will depend on how large your area is and the size of the mulch pack you are going to use.

You should take note that rubber mulch does not decompose into the ground so when the time comes to change the stuff, you really have to get all of the old mulch off and this can be a challenge especially when the mulch has sunk into soil. If you are using the mulch mainly for aesthetic purpose, here is something you can do. You can take off layers of soil from the area and lay out a layer of plastic or tarp which you would then cover with some soil and then top off with the mulch. So when the time comes that you need to change the mulch, you can simple take it off from the plastic layer.

If you do plan to layer the entire area of your garden, make sure it is at least a meter distance from any building like a shed or your house. This is for the purpose of safety since rubber mulch can catch fire and you want to be able to deal with it without it threatening your house.

Once the rough layering has been done, this is where I leave you to use your own creativity. Make the mulch look good in your garden. Make it unique. This is very useful if you are using multiple colors of rubber mulch. Creativity really plays a big part in layering the mulch just like how you arrange the flower beds. Once you are happy with what you have made, the mulch will be a great addition to your yard.