Today´s home audio systems are about far more than just quality sound in the home. Companies like, www.avconnectonline.com are mixing home automation with audio systems in order make homes more entertaining, easier and safer places to live. Few people are aware just how many advances there have been in home automation with audio systems because a great many of the new products and technologies have just started hitting the market this year. In our 2016 review of home automation systems we have focused on the audio systems side of the industry. In this brief article we hope to inform our curious readers about some of the fantastic new automation products that people can have in their home today. Anyone seeking further readings is advised to visit an online technology site where current owners of the latest gadgets may be able to offer them firsthand tips on what to look for in automated home audio systems that are new to the market.

Perhaps the most eye catching thing which home automation experts have started doing with audio systems in the house is using them to bring the family closer together, no matter how far apart they may be. Imagine a family sitting down to a home cooked meal around the table. The food has been served and everyone sits around the table chatting about the day´s events and eating the scrumptious meal, even mom is in on the conversation, even though she is a thousand miles away on a business trip. Home audio systems are now being built with capabilities which allow for cellphone calls to be made through the home´s audio system. The only thing that a family in an automated home needs to do to make a call is simply say the name of the person they are calling, and the home will do the rest. The caller can speak through the home´s speaker system to people in all different parts of the house, or in one selected room, depending on settings. This type of home automation technology can be used to keep the family feeling closer together, but it also has more practical uses.

In an emergency situation a home automated speaker system could save lives. Just last month in California, a little girl of five years old was playing alone in her living room when a fire erupted. The girl´s parents were fast asleep upstairs and totally unaware of the danger tier daughter was in. The little girl was too short to reach the phone, but as she called out for help the automated home automatically connected her with emergency services. In a matter of minutes the fire rescue team was at the house, and nobody ended up getting hurt. The situation just described is not uncommon, and the number of 911 calls made through an automated home speaker system is on the rise, which is not very surprising since often times people in need of help are unable to make a phone call. There are a lot of amazing things going on in the home automation industry today, so people ought to take the time to check them out and see if they might make life better in their own homes.