Hardware store online: a beginner’s guide to buying power tools

Are you a beginner at home improvement and looking to expand your tool set and learn some new skills? Figuring out what to spend your money on and how much to spend can be a trying and stressful task. There are simply too many tools, too many brands, and too many features to know what is right without a little bit of guidance. This blog post will offer some practical tips on tool buying for beginners. For more information, be sure to visit your local hardware store and speak with an expert on the topic. Home improvement gurus are always happy to share their experience with a newcomer to the field.

  1. The first piece of advice we can offer you is to do as much research as possible on the tools you are looking to buy. Read reviews on hardware store websites and tool forums, which should give you insight into how well tools perform, how durable they are, and overall how fond of these tools their users are. Research is a very important component of the tool buying process.
  2. When shopping for power tools, always buy tools that use the same battery set. This may mean that you have to stick to just one brand or style when shopping for power tools. While this may seem limiting, it is best to have just one style of battery for all of your power tools. This cuts down on the amount of chargers you need, the amount of batteries you need, and increases the functionality of your tool set. Aside from batteries, you will want to make sure all the accessories are compatible as well.
  3. Take advantage of great savings through a hardware store online. Online hardware stores, such as Sullivan Hardware offer exceptional value when it comes to tool shopping. You can frequently find tools at a fraction of the retail price that is listed on the tool at your local hardware store. It is important that you test tools before you buy them, so be sure to stop by a hardware store to actually see them in person and give them a test run before buying them online.
  4. It is best to avoid store brand tools. Many large hardware stores offer their own brand of tools. These tools are typically top notch in quality and craftsmanship. The reason that we advise against buying these brands is that in the future it may be difficult to get parts or accessories. For example, if you live up the street from hardware store brand A right now and buy all of their brand tools, but then in a year you get transferred to a new job, and the only kind of hardware store in your new town is hardware store B, you may no longer be able to buy brand A equipment. This would be detrimental to your quiver of tools, and would really set you back. The best option, then, is to go with nationally recognized brands which are offered at many locations.