Find probate law experts that can help you with a number of legal issues.

Are you looking for an all-encompassing law firm that is going to help you with any sort of legal situation that might cross your path? Then you should check out The Hickey Law Firm, LLC. They are established in business, real estate and probate law and will ensure that you save money and protect your assets. Here is an excerpt from their website that gives you a bit better of an idea of what it looks like:

business law“Thank you for visiting The Hickey Law Firm!  We are a Lakewood, CO based law firm specializing in Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate, Real Estate, and Business Law.  With numerous years of legal experience at our fingertips, our award winning attorneys can offer our clients expedient and effective legal assistance while maintaining reasonable hourly rates in a comfortable and friendly environment.  We have a very convenient location in a handicapped accessible building with lots of close free parking and gorgeous mountain views.  Contact us today so that we may assist you!

“Please keep in mind that no question is a “dumb question.”  All questions you may have are legitimate.   Anyone at The Hickey Law Firm is happy to answer all of your questions, simple or complex.

“Contact us today, by phone or email, for further information on why The Hickey Law Firm, LLC is the right firm for you!  We look forward to representing you in all of your Estate Planning, Probate, Trust, Real Estate, and Business needs!”

There are many different programs that they offer that can help you for a wide array of legal services. Here is a list:

  • Estate Planning. There is a lot more to estate planning than simply real estate. Estate refers to all of your assets, probates, wills, etc. Estate planning can seem tedious but it is absolutely necessary to protect your assets and keep a sad situation, your passing, from becoming chaotic.
  • Probate Law. Looking for wills and probates that you can trust and will make you all super secure. Finding a company that is able to meet your legal needs in this way without exploiting you can be tough but with The Hickey Law Firm you will be able to find the will/probate that will keep all of your family from fighting after you pass on and will protect all of your assets in the process.
  • Trust Administration. Looking for someone to set up a trust and also administer it throughout its life, then call The Hickey Law Firm and they will be able to help you out while you keep your money safe as well as the people you are setting up the funds for.
  • Business Law. Are you wanting to set up a business? Then check out the business law options that The Hickey Law Firm offers.
  • Real Estate Law. Protect your assets by setting them up in real estate with the help of The Hickey Law Firm.

As you can see there is a lot of legal advice waiting to be had at The Hickey Law Firm, LLC. They have wonderful insight and advice to offer you so you can save money and protect your assets. Give them a call today and ask them how they can help you get all of your legal needs met. You won’t be sorry that you did!