Facts About Eating Disorders

eating disorder clinicEating disorders are dangerous illnesses which can impact a person’s health and which can take time to heal from. If you or your loved one is struggling through an eating disorder, then it can be vital that you learn as much as possible about these illnesses so that you are better prepared to combat them. We have some very important facts you should know about eating disorders which can make a difference in how you or your loved one goes through the recovery process.

The Main Types

There are a few types of eating disorders that are officially recognized by the medical community, with a few variations of them that can include mixes of the disorders. Anorexia nervosa is one of the most common disorders. It is an irrational fear of gaining weight or getting fat that propel the sufferer to extreme dieting and to excessive exercise. Bulimia nervosa is another common disorder which involves binge eating and then vomiting up that food to prevent weight gain. Binge eating disorder, not to be confused with bulimia, is a disorder that involves eating until one is uncomfortably full but without throwing up.


Eating disorders have many different causes. There is a genetic aspect to these diseases, since it is more likely that someone will develop one if there is a history of a disorder in their family. Eating disorders can also be caused by psychological issues, like trauma, family problems, and it can be used as a coping mechanism and a way to regain some control.


Eating disorders have the highest mortality rating of any other mental illness. Because only about ten percent of sufferers ever get diagnosed and receive treatment, these illnesses can continue for years untreated, with most of them resulting in serious health issues and death. These illnesses also cause depression, making the danger of suicide greater. This is why it is so important to take these illnesses seriously.

Men Are Affected

Most people think of eating disorders as diseases that women only suffer from, but this is not true. Up to ten percent of eating disorder sufferers are male. Young men, in particular, are susceptible to these diseases. It is important to bring awareness to this fact, so that more men can get treated without any risk of stigma. The more people who know that men can get these diseases, too, the likelier sufferers will receive treatment.

The more we know about eating disorders, the easier it will be to help people who are suffering from them. If you are worried about your loved one or if you are struggling yourself, then you should seek out help from an eating disorder clinic. There are many great facilities that are ready to help you through this tough time so that you can start feeling like yourself again. A clinic like Ramey Nutrition can make it possible for you to get the treatment you need from professionals who are experts at what they do. Reach out to them today to get started.