Energy efficient window shades are becoming more and more popular. the past decade or so, energy efficient window shades have grown in popularity. They’ve been around for a couple of decades now, but there’s a few recent developments that have helped to drive their popularity. Before getting into those, it’s first important to understand just exactly what energy efficient window shades are. As you know, window shades are products that go over a window. They can be opened to let the sunlight in, and they can be closed to block the sunlight or to boost privacy in the home. Energy efficient window shades take this function of blocking/allowing sunlight into the home to the next level. They are specifically designed to allow more sunlight in when it’s cold outside and less sunlight in when it’s warm outside. The basic premise here is that during the winter it’s very cold outside and you thus must heat your home to keep it warm. Energy efficient window shades help to decrease how often you must run your heating system by bringing more sunlight into the home and heating it naturally. They do the exact opposite during the summer. Since it’s hot outside during the summer and most homeowners are trying to cool their homes, energy efficient window shades will help to block the sun’s light, keeping the home cooler naturally and decreasing how much people must run their AC systems.

Why are energy efficient window shades and shutters so much popular today than they were a few short years ago? For starters, people now realize just how much money energy efficient window shades can save them each year. By drastically reducing how much they must run their heating and/or AC systems, energy efficient window shades can save homeowners a few hundred dollars a year. Since they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, they start saving homeowners money before their first year is up.

On top of the economic reasons, energy efficient window shades are also great for the environment. Most people now realize that the less energy they can use the better the environment will be. Humans are having a huge impact on the planet’s environmental systems, and decreasing energy use is a great way to lessen that impact. Energy efficient window shades cut back on how much energy homeowners need to use to regulate the temperature in their home, and that has a huge impact on the home’s impact on the environment.

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