Elder law is an amazing safety net that works to protect our nation’s senior citizens, and it does so in many different ways. Most people think of elder lawyers as the lawyers that are in charge of probate and making wills, and while those are fundamental and important areas which are covered within the field of elder law, there are many other services which elder law provides to millions of Americans. In this article we explore some of the lesser known areas of elder law.

Law firms such as, www.wiegandattorneys.com, are fierce protectors of the legal rights which safeguard out elderly citizens. One of the most crucial parts of what law firms that practice elder law does is to make sure that older people receive the care they deserve in their golden years. First off, elder law allows people to set up plans for what will happen to them as they age, and perhaps as they become too sick to care for themselves any longer. A person may use elder law to create a legal document which sets unbreakable guidelines for what shall happen to them if they should become dependent on nursing care, or if they should be placed in a rest home. Many people don’t think to create legal documents that help ensure their wishes are carried out while they are still living, something which is really a shame. Setting up a will is an excellent way to help make sure that a person’s family receive those things that a person wishes to leave them when they are gone, yet a will doesn’t stipulate what should happen to the individual if they are rendered too sick to look out for themselves. All people that are getting on in their years owe it to themselves to sit down with an elder lawyer or an estate lawyer and set up some guidelines for their possible future.

Elder law is also indispensable to senior citizens because it brings swift justice to any organization or individual that might abuse an older person, financially or physically. In fact, there have been a good number of cases which surfaced this year in which older people were being taken advantage of and an elder law representative brought the situation to light. In Florida, a nursing home was overcharging its patients for medicine and food, and when one of the patient’s lawyers found out about it the nursing home received its just ramifications. The elder lawyer took the nursing home to court and won a large settlement for all of the nursing home’s patients, as well has had several members of the staff brought in on criminal charges. People that might think to take advantage of the elderly should keep in mind that elder lawyers are never far off.

The next time elder law is mention; remember that it is not just about setting up wills. Elder law is the leading entity that takes charge of keeping our seniors safe from dishonest people. We owe a debt of gratitude to all those who practice elder law for the service they provide our beloved senior citizens.