Your e-commerce website design must include responsive design

When you hear the phrase “responsive website design”, you might wonder exactly what that means. After all, aren’t all websites responsive in a sense? Don’t they all allow people to look into what they might need and find the responses that they are looking for? What does it mean to have responsive website design and why is it so very important? A great website development team will tell you that a responsive website design isn’t just important; it is critical to keeping people on your website and for e-commerce sites, it is critical for making the sale. Responsive website design simply means that regardless of the device that a website is viewed on, be it a phone or a tablet or a laptop or a desktop, the website will fit the screen and the size of the device. This could not be more important. How many times have you gone to visit a website on your phone only to find that the site was far too small to be viewed on that size screen? How often have you desperately tried to zoom in to see the image, only to be disappointed by how difficult it remained to really get a glimpse of the information you were trying to glean? Working with a website that is not responsive can be so frustrating that you will often see people simply stop bothering with the website altogether, and often not return even when they get to a device that is friendly for the site. This means that you have lost a potential customer in that moment, and all could have been avoided if you had been working with a great design team like Digital Design Solutions. They know how critical your web design is to your bottom line and they work hard to create responsive e-commerce website design for your business.

http://www.digitaldesignsolutions.coResponsive website design also allows you to reach customers in new ways. After all, more and more people are using their phones to access information than ever before. You might be surprised to hear about all the people that are getting the information they need through their phones, whether they are using them for e-commerce or for other needs. As an e-commerce website, you’ll want to be able to reach your customers where they are, rather than trying to force them to come to you. This requires that you make the effort to go to them through creating a website that reaches them in that space. E-commerce is something that requires the same almost “spur of the moment” shopping that so many people engage in when they are in the real brick and mortar store. Don’t deprive yourself of that business opportunity as your customers are lying in bed before they go to sleep, scrolling through the pages of a website and considering that purchase. Are they going to get out of bed to buy it? Probably not. Make it easy for them to do the thing right there, at their convenience. Help yourself by ensuring your website design is responsive.