Invisalign for teens can be a lifesaver during formative years

Remember what it was like to be a teenager? Those years might bring back lots of happy memories for you, but they also likely invoke images of gangly legs and arms, growing pains, trying to fit in, and trying to figure out who you are. It seems like a cruel trick of fate that exactly as teenagers are embarking on this journey of awkward growth and development, we decide it is a good time to slap on a set of braces and call it good. To be sure, experts know that this is the right age for braces in many cases, and the intention behind installing the dreaded brackets and wires is for long term development and support. However, when your teen is already going through so much as they grow up, this can feel exhausting. Luckily, there are things you can do to help your teenager through this extremely awkward time, and one of those things is to visit an expert orthodontist to help your family get through this time together. After all, the team at I-Braces VIP understands that your child’s growth and development also can depend on how comfortable they feel. If they are feel unsettled because of the way they look or feel, that can be really damaging for their self esteem. Consider all of the options when embarking on this journey, including the Invisalign system. are a lot of reasons that Invisalign Teen can be the right choice for your teen and for their dreams and goals. Teens have a lot going on, not only in terms of development. They also are trying to manage school and extracurriculars, whether those are sports or theater or other activities. Indeed, there are a lot of activities that make having metal brackets covering your teeth undesirable. Consider playing a sport and getting smashed in the mouth with metal braces on. That could be really painful, and dangerous in some cases, even if you are wearing a mouth guard. If you are looking into modeling and acting as a young person, aligning your teeth with the Invisalign system could also be a great option, as you won’t have to worry about your braces impacting your possible career.

Invisalign can also be helpful when your teen has a lot to juggle, as the visits to the orthodontist are less than the amount needed when you are working with a traditional braces system. You’ll make the trek to the orthodontist every six weeks to switch out your aligners and be done! The visits are quick and easy and hardly take any time away from your busy after school activities or your school work.

Visiting an expert orthodontist who has done this kind of work with teens can be the best first step to getting the treatment that you need. Whether you are looking for the Invisalign system or another braces model to get your teen the help they need, working with an expert orthodontist can help make the process much less painful!