Cannabis friendly hotels find their own website

With recreational marijuana legal now in four states (and don’t forget the District of Columbia) the path has now been cleared for a new kind of tourist industry: pot tourism. While dispensaries are plentiful in these states that have legalized it, the pot tourism industry itself is just now starting to find its legs. The industry has been slow to grow for tourists for one main reason: pot must still be consumed in private residences. For out of towners, this means that many of the people that come to Colorado for a cannabis vacation may find themselves in a bit of a pickle when they want to find a place to enjoy their legally purchased cannabis.

That is because even though certain states have passed laws that now allow for pot to be legally sold to anyone over the age of 21, the fact remains that pot is still illegal on the federal level. For tourists, this means that many hotels and vacation home rentals are still anti-pot and they do not allow pot to be consumed or smoked on the premises. For the vacation rentals that are cannabis friendly, it can be difficult to find them since many rental sites are shying away from promoting a cannabis friendly rental for fear of being caught violating a federal law.

Sometimes a tourist can get lucky and find a home rental on a site that happens to mention being 420 friendly, but for the most part, many business establishments that are not directly tied to the cannabis industry will not admit and or allow pot smoking on their property. That is why the business Bud & Breakfast has found such success in cities like Denver and Seattle. Bud & Breakfast is a vacation rental site that is run similarly to Airbnb or Home Away, except that every property on their site is catered specifically to those people that are looking to take a vacation and enjoy the local cannabis selection.

While it is implicitly stated that every rental that is listed on their site is friendly to the pot tourism industry, Bud & Breakfast goes one step farther. They do not shy away from promoting or talking about marijuana on their website. Instead, each rental unit has a breakdown of exactly what kind of cannabis consumption is allowed while a visitor is renting and staying in their unit.  Under the description of an individual rental property, it lists if a guest can smoke indoors or outdoors, if they can use a vaporizer while staying there, and if there is a lounge available for smoking. Many units will also take a few lines of their description to specify where cannabis smoking is allowed and where nicotine smoking is allowed (not surprisingly, cannabis smoking is often permitted indoors and out while nicotine smoking is either completely restricted or limited to just outdoor spaces.) Some units even go so far as to provide each guest with a sample of their favorite strains of weed when they check into their rental!