Buying Window Replacements for my Home

I have decided to start doing some remodeling in my home. It’s been five years since this home was built and I moved in and I decided it was time for something fresh around the place. I went around the different rooms of my house and took note of what work was to be done and if ever, what I wanted to replace. I took note of these in my notebook and the ideas I had wrote done for each room was a page long except for the living room which was three pages long. Because this, I wanted to focus the work on my living room first since I had the most ideas for it.

vinyl siding

installing replacement window

One of the ideas I had to work on in the living room was to replace the current windows I had. Apart from the fact that it was starting to develop some nicks and cracks, I found them to be small and I wasn’t getting enough natural sunlight in my living room which is where I did most of my reading. The other plans I had for my living room was replacing some of the furniture, moving the stuff, and repainting the whole room.

That night, I went on my laptop and looked for some replacement windows that I could buy to replace the small windows I had in my living room. I scrolled through the different ones and I stopped when one window caught my eye. It was a vertical window with a rectangular shape. I was sure that this would let in a lot of sunlight into the living room. I also had to buy some carpeting so that the sunlight entering the room will not badly affect my precious hardwood floor. I contacted the number on the site which was Hail Proof Siding and asked them about those rectangular windows that I found.

After a little talk, I ordered two sets of the window and I also asked them if they would do the window installation in my living and they said yes. So I just told them about my idea of replacing my smaller windows with the windows that I had bought. They send they will send over some people to do the installation of the windows along with the delivery of the new windows. I was pretty excited seeing how the new windows would look like in the living room.

Since I had nothing to worry about the windows for now, I decided to start looking at the stuff that I can do in my living room. But I just got tired pretty quickly and I just decided to read a book. The next day people were knocking on the door, it was the windows I had ordered. I didn’t realize I fell asleep in the living room. I showed them in and pointed out the windows that I wanted to replace and they were happy to do the work. When they were done, I was very happy with the results. The new windows looked great.