Benefits of a good HOA Management Team

Many communities in Colorado will often elect to have a homeowners association attached to them. These associations collect dues from all the homeowners in that community and use those funds to maintain the upkeep of the community and also to enforce the various rules and laws that all people that live in that community must abide by. Running an HOA can be a full time job, which is why most communities will choose to hire a community property management company that takes on the responsibilities of running the community and keeping track of any financial tasks that will affect them.  Using a professional management company can have many benefits for the people of the community, especially if the housing community is a very large one.

Some smaller communities may decide to run their HOA internally. In those situations, the members of the HOA board are people that live in the community and volunteer their time to run the HOA. These volunteers typically do not take a salary from the community, but they also take care of the daily business of the HOA in their spare time.  This can sometimes lead to delays in tasks in the community being taken care of or lack of follow through if someone is violating the rules of that community. Using a professional HOA management company can often be more convenient for the members of the community because their full time is to focus solely on your community. They can make sure that the bylaws of that community are up to date and clearly defined for the community. They can also clean up old community policies that are no longer relevant and can make sure the community is not in violation of any of the larger laws of the town or city that community is located in.

One of the major roles of any HOA is to be the receiver of any neighborhood complaints. They receive issues and evaluate them to see if they are in violation of the laws of the HOA and then follow up accordingly. If there is a dispute between two neighbors, they will also be the arbitrator and mediator between the two houses. Is it up to them to make sure these kinds of issues are dealt with in a timely manner and to behave impartially towards both parties involved.

Another major role that property management association is responsible for is the management of the community’s finances. They maintain and track all of the member dues and follow up on past-due payments to the association. They are also responsible for hiring the various contractors and vendors that are responsible for community maintenance. For example, they hire and pay the companies that snow plow the streets in the winter, mow the grass in communal areas in the summer, maintain the sprinkler systems, and all other general upkeep in a community.  It is up to them to make sure that they are getting the best work at the best price for their residents.