About FourThought

FourThought: Because ‘for’ was taken.

Welcome to our blog. Here at FourThought we share our interests with the world in hopes of giving someone this information they need to be better prepared to take on life’s little adventures. We want to crowd source our life experiences to give everyone the resources to make informed decisions about the companies and products.

Now here are some things we want all of our readers to understand about FourThought.

We will never run ads. Ever. We don’t like ads. You don’t like ads. No Ads. EVER.

Anyone can contribute after it has been reviewed by our staff. If you have something to share with the world wide web please send it to one of our admins for review. Crowd sourced knowledge needs a crowd. A site with no ads needs to have someone to make sure ads don’t sneak in. So please send anything you have to us to review and give us a couple days to review it.

We are a dog-friendly office. My golden retriever puppy Maxwell is currently terrorizing the office as I write this section. It doesn’t affect the blog’s content but we thought you should know what distracts us from reviewing your posts. It’s Maxwell the office pup.

Well there you have it. Any questions you might have can be answered through e-mail. We encourage our readers to reach out to us. We want to hear from you so we can make the best web possible.

Thank you,
John Richardson, CEO