A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

In the dental world, there is a type of dental procedures that is aimed at improving the aesthetics of one’s teeth and thus improving his smile. These dental procedures fall under what we call cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dental procedures make use of techniques to help whiten your teeth, realign them, reshape your teeth, and more in such a way that its overall appearance is improved. Special dentists work in cosmetic dentistry and they are call cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentists have the right knowledge and skills to be able to work on peoples’ teeth so that their smiles may come out looking better. To better our understanding of cosmetic dentistry, lets’ take a look at a few procedures done by cosmetic dentists.


cosmetic dentistry

First let’s take a look at the contouring and reshaping of teeth. In this type of procedure, cosmetic dentists are trying to correct the shape and orientation of the patient’s teeth or mend a tooth that has been chipped after an accident. When a cosmetic dentist contours and shapes a patient’s tooth, he may alter the tooth’s length, alter the shape of the tooth, realign teeth that are out of alignment and use some cement to mend a broken tooth. People who experience problems with their bite may also have their teeth contoured and reshaped.

The contouring and reshaping of teeth rarely involves people who have problems with their teeth that can affect their health. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is really just for making alterations to ones teeth that one desires so as to make their smile look better. Before cosmetic dentists can start with the procedure, he still has to examine the patient’s teeth through x-rays.

Next let’s take a look at the use of crowns which are also sometimes called caps in the dental world. A crown or a cap is used to cap or crown a tooth. Doing so will help restore the original look and shape of the tooth. Now getting a crown or cap is an expensive deal compared to other cosmetic dentistry methods which is why people don’t usually look to this cosmetic dentistry procedure until it is the last resort to help fix the patient’s teeth. Now crowns can last a long time but applying them to your teeth can also take some time.

Finally let’s take a look at dental veneers. Now dental veneers kind of serve the same purpose as crowns when applied can help restore the appearance of the tooth. A veneer can be made from plastic or from porcelain. During the application process of dental veneers, the cosmetic dentist has to remove part of the patient’s tooth at the front area so that when applied, the dental veneer will sit flush against the row of teeth and will not feel off.

Dental veneers can help hide any teeth that look discolored or have damage like cracks and chips. Compared to crowns, dental veneers are cheap and you can get dental veneers that are colored just like your teeth so that they won’t look different when you smile.