We see ambulances in the street every day. Some of us have had an ambulance come to our rescue when we were very sick or involved in an accident. Ambulances are as much a part as life in the city as police and skyscrapers. How much do we really know about ambulances? Who makes ambulances, and how are they made? What methods are used by ambulance manufacturers in order to make sure they are providing the elements which emergency response teams need? In this article we will take a brief look into the ambulance makers industry in order to discover a little bit more about these vehicles which might one day save our lives.

Most people are unaware that the majority of ambulance makers design their vehicles in accordance with what the different hospitals ask of them. Most ambulances look very similar from the outside, and yet one might be shocked by how different each vehicle is on the inside. Hospitals are the number one buyer of ambulances in the world today, and just as each hospital serves a different kind of patient with different kinds of problems, so are ambulances designed differently in accordance with the hospitals wishes. Leading ambulance makers such as, www.bmefire.com will invite the general managers of hospitals to their ambulance design offices, and then work with them to put together a fleet of ambulances which will best serve their purposes. One ambulance may be designed specifically for the treatment of car accident victims, while another may be built specifically for people suffering heart attacks. The more specific the design of the ambulance, the better the chances are that the EMTs will be able to help different people in emergency situations. Also, like fire truck manufacturers, ambulance makers also produce their vehicles with different capabilities depending on the area in which they will be operating. If a hospital is located near a rural area in the mountains, the ambulance company may design the vehicle with special off road capabilities in order to get to people in remote areas who need assistance.

Another thing most people don’t know about ambulance manufacturers is that they receive a large amount of money from the government each year. Despite the fact that ambulance makers make a lot of money on sales of their vehicles to hospitals all across the nation, nearly half the funds they get come from the government. The reason why the state and federal government pay for such a large slice of the pie is because of the fact that each city in the United States is required to have a certain number of ambulances in operation at all times. In the late 80’s a federal law was passed which declared that access to an ambulance service was a right which every American citizen was entitled to. Since there are many counties in the country that lack the funds to pay for their own ambulance fleets, the government picks up the check in order to make sure that all areas have the ambulance support that they, by law are supposed to have.